My stories

My Client said #1

“You know, I wouldn’t came to massage therapy if that accident wouldn’t happened. The touching is so intimate connection for me.”
I replied: in this case I say double thanks for your trust!

I remember the worry on her face when she came first time. Her body was in pain almost everywhere. She went through so much pain and painful treatment. And She experienced fears, difficulties, in doubt, insecurity, stress. So during the session She checked every of my motion, and waited for when and where I cause more pain.
Basicaly I work on very gently, could you imagine how gentle I was with her?!
I worked with her 12 times. I was so glad I could see the changes on her body, in movement and also in her mood. As she left the pain and the painful memories behind. As the smile came back on her face and started to laugh a lot again. As She got back self-confidence on every levels.
Probably the body will remember these injuries for long time. Maybe a little pain will come back time to time. But those bones and this lady became stronger like ever.

Dear Christina, take care of your precious body and don’t forget to do your excersises ❤️

My Client said #2

“Eva, you gave me sedative….”

Someone asked for my help after an accident.
In addition to his physical injuries, his nervous system was in a constant state of stress.
Although the lifedanger had passed, his body was stucked in this special function.

When we worked at the first time his nervous system turned off this EMERGENCY mode and was able to rest at the first time after weeks even months. After long time now positive impulses arrived from the body to the brain, which had perceived only danger sings before. The breathing went deeper, there was less tense in the muscles and the body relaxed. He could feel pleasant senses after so much pain and suffring. He forgot for a while all of the difficulties and challenges he had to face day by day during his recovery.

At this moment he said: Eva, you gave me sedative…

Dear Laslo, it was a long journey together, wasn’t it? I’m glad you got back your life. ❤️

This is a very extreme example of how stress hormones work. At the same time, it is a wonderful example of the effect of the human touch and the massage.

The stress – fortunately not this dramatic way – is present in all of our lives. Depending on our sensitivity, even constant noise or too much (e.g. visual) information can be constance source of stress. And there are the wellknown classics: mental and physical overload, tight deadlines, emotional/financial insecurity, unsolved conflicts, fear of illness. The list is very long.

Reconising and identifying these factors in our lives is up to us. And doing as much as possible against them too. We have many options to protect and support our body and mind. One of them is the regular massage. Not just because of the pleasant feelings, indeed because of its proven physiological effects.

You can give massage as a gift.

Even you can ask it as a gift!

I met both of situations:
For example, two young guys bought 5 times massage gift card for their Granny. They wanted to inspire more activity and get stronger her body. The Grandma is 70+ years and She listens to Guns&Roses.
Or a young dancer asked for massage cure from her Family. For supporting the overwhelmed body to regenerate.
Dear Johanna, I read theatre programme and look for your next performance! ❤️

My Client said #3

“Seems like nothing happens but actually lots of things are happening. So different experience like with other therapists”

This client arrived spine problems and pains, plus dizziness. Her emotional state was instabile. Lots of fears, doubtfulness, a kind of panic attack symptoms. Next to the physiotherapy she asked massage too. She had experiences with other therapists, therefore She was quite untrusty at the first few minutes, then she fully accepted my hands. Arrived a fearful, uncertain person, left a relaxed, confident lady.

I’ve got this feedback on the second session: seems like nothing happens but actually lots of things are happening. So different experience like with other therapists.

Dear Andrea, I’m glad my job could be part of your healing path, where you work consciously on your body and mind. ❤️

My Client said #4
Begining of the session I got an unexpected queation from my Client:

“What do you think is there any connection between the body and the mind? Healing is possible by treat the body only, or need to look after the mind too?”

I was very surprised. I replied shortly then I asked back: why did you ask just me? She said: because I felt I can ask question from you.

Actually I’m impressed by the power of the human body & mind. How they are able to repair and heal themselves. How depend and affect each other the physical, the emotional and the mental levels. Incredibly complex and beautiful processes. And I am amazed by the willpower and strenght of the people too.

Dear Theodora, thank you so much for your trust & question. I wish you keep your sensitive, intuitive parts as a young Medica! ❤️

At that time I was afraid of the anatomy exam a lot. 

I had to learn lots of information, furthermore many of it in Latin. I got the very best advice from my 6 years old Son, who said: Mom, do not worry at all it does not able to bite you! I skipped the first exam, but I was very well prepaired on the second one. One of my question was the Spine. 

As a therapist I meet many people with different kind of spine problems. 

For example: I met a teenager who started to train on his own, when he got diagnose about scoliosis. Intense exercises by a Gym App. Nice muscles but only on the surface. After a time he got serious back pain. 

Or I met with a young lady who ignored her diagnose at young age, and now around 30s-40s she has severe scoliosis, deformed chest and many other health problems. 

And I also met a young man who practised therapeutic exercises from childhood, and got regular massage. Now He has active lifestyle with no any back problem. Indeed he able to work 8-10 hours sitting next to the computer.

Dear Bruno,  I saw on your face how smart you are. I tried my best to share every of my knowledge. I trust you understood we need strong muscles keeping healthy the spine. And the best friend is a physiotherapist who able to help building up them. The best personal trainer as I used to say. Then you can go to the Gym and do everything else during your lifetime between 15-100. ❤️

This Client arrived to me because suggestion of her psychotherapist.

She was on a deep self-knowledge path, because wanted to understand all aspects of her life. She hoped to relaese blocks of the old memories from the body by light massage therapy.

It means: although we do not remember consciously all the things what happened with us, our mind registers everything and many times the body stores these memories in different tissues.
This Lady already practised different methods, therefore she had strong body awareness. During the session she sensed how dissolved blocks in different part of the body. 

Dear Anita, thank you for sharing your deep experiences with me. ❤️

In my work I meet many people who are very sensitive.

They experience the world on very special ways. For example they are able to sense other people’s feelings, moods and intentions. Even health issues or physical pain. The positive or negative vibes of the environment.

People are drawn to them instinctively as they have great empathy.

But this skill can be very exhausting if one does not have sufficient knowledge its functioning. Because in many cases sensitive people not only feel and observe the things but absorb these effects like a sponge. They are often exposed. Many times they suffer from various physical, or emotional, even mental symptoms. Sometimes mysterious symptoms with no logical reason.

They do not have any idea about they have this extra sensitivity. That they are Empaths. And that they need knowledge and strategies to protect themself in order to enjoy this unique skill.

My Client said #5

End of the session: “Today I met a part of my shoulder what I even did not know till now. But it was fixed.”

I remember my Anatomy teacher’s words: the Humans made serious mistake when straightened and stood up on two feet. Nature did not design shoulders for this position. For constant hangs of the arms.

Many people have problems with shoulders. They come from the vulnerable static and complex motion dynamic. They can come from too much and the too less movement and so on.

Next to that we tend to carry every kind of difficulties, stress on our shoulders. And sometimes others put heavy loads on us.

Because of the issue is composite usually the solution is complex too. 

Dear Balaz, thank you for the positive feedback. ❤️