based on traditional techniques

I believe and do: a soft touch can initiate changes on the deepest levels.

I recommend it:

  • If you’re recovering from an accident or another disease
  • if you are injured physically or emotionally
  • If there is too much stress around you or inside you
  • if you you’re tired and you need refreshment
  • if you want to do good for your body and mind.

I recommend it because:

  • it has a beneficial effect on the whole organism
  • it supports you on many levels
  • It winds you down and relaxes
  • it refreshes and renews
  • it doesn’t hurt and it cannot do any harm.

My sophisticated and personalized work

helps with all healing processes

and supports the feeling of WHOLEness.

My stories


about me

Touching has always been important for me, that’s why I chose a method what I can do for others with my hands many years ago. The effect mechanism of which is clear and can be explained logically.

I studied anatomy, orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology and dermatology. I was thrilled to discover the wonderful structure of our body, its perfect functioning, and my wish came true as I’d received exact explanations for everything.

Then, in my first massage training session, I saw the absorbed look on my instructor’s face, her hands, sophisticated movements and the way she was using her whole body. There and then I realized that massage is an inexplicable thing!

As professionals, we need to know all about the muscles, joints, bones and biological processes. The whole body and the oriental view on energy channels and flows.

But above all, massage is the art of touching, the art of movement, the art of how the Therapist and the Client meet.


what does affect my work

Swedish massage, Thai massage, Rang Dröl®

The old form of massage, which was called classic or Swedish in the 19th century, is still applied today. It originates from the Swedish fencing master P. H. Ling who first engaged in the systematization of this diverse knowledge. Later his followers continued his work and revealed the technique, effects and contraindications of massage.

The methodology of the Swedish massage developed together with medical science and the science of gymnastics. It uses stroking, rubbing, kneading, clapping and vibrating movements. It has an impact on the skin and through the skin, on the connective tissue, muscles, bones, joints, the circulatory system and the nervous system.

It aims at refreshing the body and eliminating fatigue. It can be applied to enhance sports performance or, as medical massage, to treat musculoskeletal or circulatory disorders.

Thai massage, originating from the Far East, is based on a tradition of thousands of years. It approaches the body functions totally differently from our Western way of thinking.

According to oriental world views, everything is energy or vibration. Every material, so our body as well, is the manifestation of various energies. If one is healthy, their life energies flow flawlessly. However, if for some reason the balance in energy flow changes, it can be the cause of illnesses.

Thai massage is a complex method, which recognizes ten energy channels in the body. In contrast with Western massage techniques, its primary aim is not about exercising muscles. It activates the body’s own energies with the help of applying rhythmic, acupressure presses along the energy lines and stretching and pulling muscles and joints. It has an effect on the body’s intelligent self-healing power, and promotes physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Rang Dröl® is the Tibetan word meaning self-liberation. The technique was further developed by Theresia Rasch-Schaffer from the Jin Shin Jyutsu method.

Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy is the art of harmonizing life energy. Born of the wisdom of experience and passed down from generation to generation, word of mouth was revived by Master Jiro Murai in Japan in the early 1900s.

Both of the two methods are able to balance our – physical, emotional, mental – wholeness by touching 26 points located in specific areas of the body, the so-called safety energy lock.

whO does affect my work

I feel deep gratitude towards

László Csákányi MD orthopedic specialist, who introduced me to the world of anatomy and medical subjects.
Istvánné Gubicska – Rózsika, who shared her many decades of massage knowledge with me and her many students.
Theresia Rasch-Schaffer, who passed on the approach and method of Rang Dröl / Jin Shin Jyutsu.
Judith Orloff MD, who sets an example for me both as a person and as a professional.

Last but not least:
My friends and guests who have trusted my job. All knowledge, all the learning gains meaning by them.



The special feature of my method is the sophisticated and personalized work.

After the first consultation, I recommend a 60 or 90-minute massage that can affect the entire body or a selected area of ​​the body.
The relaxing, refreshing effect of the back massage is well known to people now. I recommend the detailed work on the legs and feet to many of my Clients, because I find it effective and useful. In the same way, the massage of the hands, forearms and arms can affect the entire body. I recommend a head massage for those who love the touch of the face and the skull. The neck and shoulders, often the chest area deserves special attention.

When we want to support healing processes by massage, it is important to apply it regularly, for example on a weekly basis. In all other cases the best is if we make the massage part of our lives, as often as we want it.


what’s going to happen during the massage session

I am waiting for you in a nice, undisturbed setting. First I am going to ask about the reasons of your visit and your needs. I am going to ask basic questions about your health conditions to be sure there is no contraindication of the massage – like inflammation, circulatory disorder, and so on.

Usually, I work in silence. It means I always listen to my clients carefully but I do not speak much – my hands talk for me. During the session all my attention, knowledge and tranquility will be yours.

I use a very simple, almost fragrance-free massage cream, and you have an option to take a shower before or after the massage if you wish.


whEn and where am i available?

Booking: +36 20 5218 840


Address: 1132 Budapest, Váci street 6. IV., entryphone:14

// opposite the Westend, the Nyugati train station 2 min. walk//

Prices: 60 min. treatment – 10.000 HUF     //     90 min. treatment – 14.000 HUF

Payment methods: By cash, bank card, bank transfer.


A little more about my job

My stories

why do I often work on the feet?

Our feet serve us our whole life. They carry our bodies, taking us everywhere either on foot, by bicycle or even by car. Dancing or running gives us thousands of experiences of movement, and they also reflect the condition of our body.

Any pampering that we give our feet – which may be a pleasant bath, thorough care, carefully chosen shoes or a massage – influences the way we feel; it has an impact on our movement, on our health and, in the long run, on the quality of our life.


why do i suggest massage on the head and the shoulders?

In our body everything is connected to everything, everything affects everything. In our head there is a wonderful computer – our brain – that senses and reacts to everything in our outer and inner world. Our face reflects our physical, emotional and mental state. Our shoulders and chest tighten and loosen during our changing circumstances. So why don’t we care about them…?